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Mysore was the political capital of the Wodeyar dynasty which ruled the state of Karnataka nearly 150 years till the independence of the country which got free from the British. These kings had a great art and culture and Mysore was the cultural capital of the south under the rule of the Wodeyars. The Wodeyars are so powerful kings Built Chamundi temple which is famous in mysore. They built mysore palace with good engineering bricks. The bricks are very strong in those olden days.

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The Wodeyars made the Dasara festival an event. To showcase the rich culture and heritage of the town. Even to this date this celebration of the Dasara which is a 10 day celebration during the month of September / October is a spectacular event to watch. Wodeyars sit on the thrown by climbing step of gems. Each Thron steps are made up of Different Gems that showcase Royal life of Wodeyars dyansty.

These Thron steps are made up of costly Gems Represents 9 planet stones according to the Hindu mythology. Mysore is a city of palaces, gardens, shady avenues and sacred temples. It’s a calm city without more pollution comparing to other cities in Karnataka.


Day 1: Departure

The Mysore Palace

  • The palace was originally built of wood, which got burnt down in 1897 AD and was rebuilt in 1912 AD. The Mysore Palace, built is Indo-Saracenic style with domes turrets, arches and colonnades; the palace is a treasure house of exquisite carvings and works of art from all over the world. The tastefully decorated and intricately carved doors open into luxuriously decorated rooms.The walls of the palace are painted with pictures of the Dasara processions and these paintings are painted in such a manner that from any angle you can see the procession coming towards you. The royal throne of the Wodeyars is displayed during the Dasara festival.The Palace has four entrance, Main entrance is called “Jaya Maarthaanda” to east, “Jayarama” to North, ”Balarama” to South, “Varaha” to west.Public Entry is from Varaha Gate.Tourists not allowed to take photographs inside the palace.This Art Gallery located to the west with a walking distance to that of main palace, which is famous Art Gallery. It was built during rule of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III in 1861 to celebrate the marriage of his daughter, the princess of Mysuru, because the main palace was destroyed in a fire in 1897. The main door of this Museum is itself a master piece of Art with intricate carvings which is said to have been made in just 70 days. The museum was officially started in 1915, and has since been expended adding many artifacts. This Art Gallery was linded to the famous Mysuru style of painting of rare original paintings and artiacts and entrusted the Administration of this Museum to a committee. The museum was named after sri Jayachamrajendra Wodeyar in 1955 as Jaganmohn Palace Art Gallery.


Jaganmohan Palace

Jaganmohan Palace is a palace in Mysore, in the princely city of Mysore, India. Its construction was completed in 1861 and was initially used by the Wodeyars, kings of Mysore as their home. Where maharaja staying There some times. Its beautiful construction its color is pure white looks awesome. Well designed architecture.


Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens

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St. Philomena’s church

This Roman Catholic Church was built in AD 1840. It was initially known as St. Joseph Chaver which later assumed the present name. The twin towers of the church stand majestically at 175 feet, the design is gothic and it is said to resemble the St. Patrick’s cathedral at New York and a church at Cologne. The church is located about I km from Mysore Palace on the Bangalore highway. The then king of Mysore Krishna raja Wodeyar IV laid the foundation for construction of the church in 1933. It has been designed a French Architect.

This huge cathedral is located about 2km to the north of the city centre and was constructed in 1936 in a Neo Gothic style inspired by the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. It stands on the site of an earlier church that was built in 1843. It is dedicated to a Greek teenage girl who was martyred in the 4th century and her remains were found in a catacomb in Rome in 1802. In 1926, Thamboo Chetty, who was a secretary to the Maharaja of Mysore, Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, obtained a relic of the saint from Peter Pisani, Apostolic Delegate of the East Indies. This relic was handed over to Father Cochet who approached the king to assist him in constructing a church in honour of St. Philomena.


Chamundi Temple

Chamundi Temple, popularly known as Chamundeshwari Temple, is a 12th century shrine situated atop Chamundi Hills, about 13 kilometres away from the Mysore city. A flight of 1000 steps takes visitors to the temple, which is named after Goddess Chamundeshwari or Durga, (the fierce form of Shakti). She is often identified as Parvati, consort of Lord Shiva, and is also the family deity of the Maharajas of Mysore.

Architecturally, this shrine has a quadrangular structure with lofty gopuram (temple tower) and dwara (entrance), which are visible from a distance. It also consists of a navaranga, sanctum sanctorum, antharala mantapa a prakara. The seven-tier gopuram of the shrine has been constructed in Dravidian style of architecture. Atop the tower or shikara, there are seven golden kalashas that capture attention of every onlooker.

At the entrance, there is a tower with a small statue of Lord Ganesha. The silver-plated doorway has images of dwarapalakas (door keepers). As visitors enter the temple, they can see a statue of Nandi (the mount of Lord Shiva) facing the sanctum. Within the sanctum, there is a stone idol of Goddess Mahisha Mardhini, featuring eight hands or Ashta Bhujas.

Many idols and other valuable things of the temple were originally gifted by the rulers of Mysore, who were ardent devotees of Mother Goddess. One of the rulers presented the Simha-vahana (chariot) along with various other valuables. Also, mid-way uphill, near the steps, there is a huge 16 feet tall statue of Nandi that was gifted by Maharaja Dodda Devaraja Wodeyar in 1659.


Brindavan Garden

Sprawling over a large area of about 150 acres, Brindavan Gardens are considered to be the best in Mysore. This beautiful stretch of land is situated just a level below the popular Krishnaraja Sagar Reservoir that is built across the Cauvery or Kaveri River. The garden is about 18 kilometres northwest of the city of Mysore. The idea of building this fascinating garden close to the dam was of two former Devans of Mysore, namely Sir M. Visveshwaraiah and Sir Mirza M. Ismail.

The most notable thing about Brindavan Gardens are the beautiful fountains that look wonderful during the night when they are lit up. Sunset is the best time of the day to visit this garden and enjoy the sight of water (from fountains) dancing to the tunes of pleasant music. The area of the garden that is covered with shrubs, grass and trees looks like a well-manicured lawn. Within the garden, there is also a children’s park, hydraulic research station and fisheries station. Adding to the beauty of the garden is an attractive sculpture of Goddess Cauvery, set at the foot of the dam.

Other Visiting Places : Srirangapatna, Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Tippu’s Fort, Gumbaz, Tippu’s Summer Palace,  l, Big Bull, Art Gallery, and Beautiful Brindavan Garden (Colour Full Musical Fountains). 


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